How to update the Products in Joomla Virtuemart Ecommerce.

Whenever people talk about Joomla e-commerce today, they mean the Virtuemart, a leading e-commerce extension in Joomla. With more than 8000 free and paid plugins, Joomla is already one of the leading open source content management system (CMS) out there, whose popularity is further increased by Virtuemart. If you are a startup entrepreneur, creating e-commerce site using VirtueMart is recommended because of the vast community of the developers who’ll address the issue you may face with. Inspired by the easy way of creating the online shop in Joomla,  mean VirtueMart, i am going to explain you, step by step on how to update the products in Joomla e-commerce. 

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20 Ways to Promote Your eCommerce Site

Needless to say, promotions are integral part of sales. You see it everyday, everywhere - but how does it apply to your eCommerce store? Because of the different business dynamics of online store, we are placed at bit of an advantage to throw out promotions, isn’t it? To help you decide and execute the right promotions for your website, we have put together these 20 promotions ideas. We recommend throwing promotions regularly, in fact as often as possible. Mixing the promotion with special dates are even better - for example exclusive gifts on Valentine's Day! So, put tight - here we go:

Selling Online – With Magento and Other Channels

If you’re considering to set up an online storefront using which you would like to sell your products or services, then the e-commerce platform you choose to power it is an important consideration. An e-commerce platform should not only offer all the shopping cart features but also give you the inventory management tools, the online transaction processing and other useful resources that can take your store to the next level.

One such e-commerce platform is Magento. Magento, an open source e-commerce platform, provides a flexible shopping cart system and other functionalities that can control the appearance, the content of an online shopping.

5 Reasons Why A Business Needs a Web Store

Online sales in Australia increased by 17% in 2014, with over 74% of Internet users making at least one online purchase! Similar is the trend across the globe. Walmart, traditionally a brick-and-mortar only business is now scrambling in sales as Amazon is making unprecedented sales. Not too surprised then when it 'hastily' bought 51% stake of the Chinese ecommerce platform Yihaodian. With the transatlantic super highway (NBN) to be "fully" rolled out across Australia, this trend is going to increase in unprecedented pace from now onwards.

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