How to update the Products in Joomla Virtuemart Ecommerce.

Whenever people talk about Joomla e-commerce today, they mean the Virtuemart, a leading e-commerce extension in Joomla. With more than 8000 free and paid plugins, Joomla is already one of the leading open source content management system (CMS) out there, whose popularity is further increased by Virtuemart. If you are a startup entrepreneur, creating e-commerce site using VirtueMart is recommended because of the vast community of the developers who’ll address the issue you may face with. Inspired by the easy way of creating the online shop in Joomla,  mean VirtueMart, i am going to explain you, step by step on how to update the products in Joomla e-commerce. 

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Responsive WebDesign | Easiest Way to Build Responsive Web Design


Designing best web pages is an art albeit less appreciated but highly demanded. I used a term best in a sense that the designed webpage meets the demand of the user and picks up a popularity.As the world, day by day is shifting into digitalization, it's a high time, the designers took an approach to design responsive web design so that no matter which devices user want to browse the web from, they should feel way more comfortable to do so.

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Website Design Tools | Free Web Design Tools For WebDesigners

Website Design Tools | Free Web Design Tools For WebDesigners

Web designing has come a long way since its inception in 1991 when HTML was first created. Evolving from the plain interface, within a couple of decades, web pages haven’t just changed their appearances but also their utility is not limited just to the conventional websites. And the best part is you don’t have to perform everything in the terminal by coding as there are literally thousands of tools and resources which will help you not just to make the webpage look classy offering amazing GUI  but also to speed up the web-design process. 
If you own a business and want to create your webpage to increase your customer base, you’ll be lost in the sea of tools, confused and dazed while choosing the appropriate tools to make it look more interactive. Don’t worry, I  have tried here to discuss the most important tools which are absolutely necessary while creating a webpage,  plus they all are free. 


While creating any website, you need to have a platform to create an interface and guess what, Bootstrap is the best front end framework you’ll find. In simple words, bootstrap is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by the team at Twitter, which they later changed into open source framework. It is a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code designed to help build user interface components.

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How does a website help to increase sales and leads and increase your business

How does a website help to increase sales and leads

How many times a month, do you think that your potential customer "lead" turn his head away from your closed shop? I guess, you should check out the CCTV the next day, only if you have planted it. What I meant to say is simple; the time has come to rise up from the existing brick and mortar business to the virtual world where 21st-century denizens dwell. Your potential customer would have easier time surfing your website and gaining the pieces of information irrespective of your physical store schedule.
Businesspersons often complain about the lack of sales and leads, the nearest factor to blame is the store's location, the ineptness of the salespersons and blah blah blah. Well, I recently read the evolution of B2B marketing in China and Alibaba in the forefront of it. Before 15 years very few percent of Chinese used to go out for shopping which drastically changed when B2B and B2C e-commerce and websites started sprouting like mushrooms. 

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How e-commerce store helps to grow your business

How e-commerce store help to grow your business

I hate to admit it but the internet nowadays has become more than just a hub for information; I order my favorite dish in town by just a click on the picture displayed in the online store and shop my winter sweater by just a minute roundabout around the sites. Also, I recently read a book about Alibaba, the multi-billion Chinese company based on e-commerce founded by Jack Ma which made me realized how swiftly people have grown accustomed to the new way of lifestyle, largely shaped by the e-commerce, all thanks to the internet.

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