How does a website help to increase sales and leads and increase your business

How does a website help to increase sales and leads

How many times a month, do you think that your potential customer "lead" turn his head away from your closed shop? I guess, you should check out the CCTV the next day, only if you have planted it. What I meant to say is simple; the time has come to rise up from the existing brick and mortar business to the virtual world where 21st-century denizens dwell. Your potential customer would have easier time surfing your website and gaining the pieces of information irrespective of your physical store schedule.
Businesspersons often complain about the lack of sales and leads, the nearest factor to blame is the store's location, the ineptness of the salespersons and blah blah blah. Well, I recently read the evolution of B2B marketing in China and Alibaba in the forefront of it. Before 15 years very few percent of Chinese used to go out for shopping which drastically changed when B2B and B2C e-commerce and websites started sprouting like mushrooms. 

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