Website Design Tools | Free Web Design Tools For WebDesigners

Website Design Tools | Free Web Design Tools For WebDesigners

Web designing has come a long way since its inception in 1991 when HTML was first created. Evolving from the plain interface, within a couple of decades, web pages haven’t just changed their appearances but also their utility is not limited just to the conventional websites. And the best part is you don’t have to perform everything in the terminal by coding as there are literally thousands of tools and resources which will help you not just to make the webpage look classy offering amazing GUI  but also to speed up the web-design process. 

If you own a business and want to create your webpage to increase your customer base, you’ll be lost in the sea of tools, confused and dazed while choosing the appropriate tools to make it look more interactive. Don’t worry, I  have tried here to discuss the most important tools which are absolutely necessary while creating a webpage,  plus they all are free. 


While creating any website, you need to have a platform to create an interface and guess what, Bootstrap is the best front end framework you’ll find. In simple words, bootstrap is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by the team at Twitter, which they later changed into open source framework. It is a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code designed to help build user interface components.
Remember how people, nowadays use a mobile phone to surf the internet, its the same reason, you should have device responsive websites or applications so that it’d be easier for the customer to browse. So, Bootstrap does help to create responsive websites for phones, tablets, and laptops and the best part is, anyone with basic knowledge can get started with it. Also, the large community of bootstrap family and a large number of free tutorials on internet are of great help.

2. Free Logo Design

Well, you want to have your company logo on website right? So, how do we make a logo on the internet? Apparently, there are many logo making tools, both paid and free ones. Since you want to save up your budget, you should prefer free logo design tool, which offers you to create logo free of cost and FYI the logos aren’t just ordinary; they are professional looking ones.
Free Logo design is advanced HTML5 logo designer tool available on internet which you can access through your smartphones and tablets without any hassle. Filled with the dozen of available categories in their database, for example, agriculture, real estate, online store and so forth, you can design your company’s logo in the highly customizable way.

3. Iconion

This amazing tool lets you create the icons of your choice from its vast pool of icons fonts, absolutely for free. You can do so by adding color, shadow, background, gradient, stroke and many other fancy elements to the icon fonts. 
The features of Iconion such as its infinite scalability enables you to create icons of any size. Its highly customizable option gives you the opportunity to create icons of your and your employee’s desire. Most of all, all the icon fonts are professionally prepared which are elegant too. Worried about your lack of expertise? Don’t worry, you can prepare the icons in a matter of minutes without any coding and technical hassles.

4. Google web fonts

Plain and monotonous fonts on the website are so 90 ’s, frankly, tell me, who wants to surf the page that looks dull and placid? For me, designing websites is like creating something beautiful which will bring about positive vibes to the visitors. Like Neville Brody puts, “Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” So, google web fonts just appear to help to make your website look elegant by offering an intuitive and robust directory of open source designer web fonts. Tested in almost 135 languages, this open source platform has literally no boundaries to restrict you from creating the best webpage. 
With about one thousand available font typography, you can design them in any way that fits your webpage. The best thing about google web fonts is that there are hundreds of Google designers, engineers and their collaborators work seamlessly to create these typographies.

5. Lorem Ipsum

While designing a webpage, Lorem Ipsum comes handy as a filler text or dummy text. Since 1500, typesetting industry has been using lorem ipsum as dummy text in their design before publishing a real one. Popularly known as greeked text or placeholder text, it will be very helpful for you while designing a new webpage as you can generate any amount of lorem ipsum according to your need. 
There are so many lorem ipsum generator in the web and also the chrome extension of it and trust me, you’ll need filler text to test your design and guess what lorem ipsum won’t disappoint you.


I know how does it feel to pay for paid tools like Photoshop to edit the images while there are so many free alternatives which are on par with mighty photoshop. Especially for the web designers, who are in need of constant evolution, GIMP, an open source cross-platform image editor which enables you to create beautiful images for your web pages. 
With hundreds of web designers and professional illustrators and photographers all working hard to make GIMP advanced day after day, you can get a lot of community service and many third-party plugins which will provide you immense extensibility and flexibility like never before.
Like I stated earlier, there are literally so many tools which will help you to make a beautiful webpage which works elegantly too. The above mentioned free tools will, without a doubt are the ones which are of absolute necessity. 
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