How does a website help to increase sales and leads and increase your business

How does a website help to increase sales and leads

How many times a month, do you think that your potential customer “lead” turn his head away from your closed shop? I guess, you should check out the CCTV the next day, only if you have planted it. What I meant to say is simple; the time has come to rise up from the existing brick and mortar business to the virtual world where 21st-century denizens dwell. Your potential customer would have easier time surfing your website and gaining the pieces of information irrespective of your physical store schedule.

Businesspersons often complain about the lack of sales and leads, the nearest factor to blame is the store’s location, the ineptness of the salespersons and blah blah blah. Well, I recently read the evolution of B2B marketing in China and Alibaba in the forefront of it. Before 15 years very few percent of Chinese used to go out for shopping which drastically changed when B2B and B2C e-commerce and websites started sprouting like mushrooms. 
On 11th November 2015, which is also known as Singles’ day in China, 30 million buyers had racked up over $14 billion dollars in a purchase from Alibaba alone. The reason for this sort of turnover is often credited to the power of Internet and ease of shopping via it. 
In the following points, I have discussed how the website can increase sales and leads in the business.

A. Your store is open 24/7

Creating website means your store is never closed. People can log into your website at any time of the day and any day of the week. The festivals won’t bother either do the stormy and rainy day. People can access the information about different products without any hurry and make their plans to purchase it.

B. Mobiles and Tablets are new customers

Historian Yuval Noah Harari has put it elegantly that human has started to morph into new species and it has begun with the unbelievable attachment with cellphones and gadgets. This actually appears as a boon for marketing as creating a mobile-friendly website will enhance the sales and leads like never before. So, this generation of customers won’t be logging through the computers, let alone visit in your brick and mortar store.

C. Keep the buy now options at the top

Your obvious motive by creating a website is to maximize the sales and leads. So, the best way to demonstrate this is by placing “buy now” option on the top of the web-page. This is because a lot of customers’ behavioral research has shown that the people have a hard time resisting a purchase of the commodity if they glance at “buy now” option at first. In addition, you can post something like “free trial for a month”, or “special discount” and so forth. It never hurts to go the certain length of business if the errand is productive.

D. Keeping website interactive

When people log into your website, they want information and interactions. Hiring a few numbers of employees, you can make your website interactive with live chat feature which will assure the leads in purchasing your goods and services. Depending upon the nature of your business, you can add elements like:
1. Ask for a Schedule if you own a service-based business
2. request a quote
3. Sign up for newsletters and emails
4. take part in a free lottery

E. Website foster better relationship

Email is the new salesperson. Making your leads and people sign up for the newsletters and emails help you to keep a contact with them in future. The monthly newsletter and emails containing the news of sale and new arrival will let them know about the recent trends without having to visit your store. While some businesspersons worry about their declining sales, you’ll be flooded with your clients.

F. Adding social testimonials make you legit

Have you ever wondered why do you buy the books which are praised by notable entities like The Economist, Time, The New York Times, Financial Times etc. rather than the ones you’ve barely heard? Well, I have an answer. According to behavioral psychology, this tendency is attributed as judgment heuristics. People will believe the legitimacy and quality of your website on reading the personal testimonials by past buyers. This feature enables the prospective buyers to feel confident about their possible purchase.

G. Evolving is way too easy

We no more hear about Kodak these days. I find the reason is very simple. They couldn’t cope themselves with the high speed of new trend. Having a website will let you know the influx of the people and with right plugins, the leads map. This information will help you to plan the next month’s strategy and provide you with a clue to modify your website accordingly. Also, the analytics of costumer’s preferred item will help you to filter out the goods on a regular basis. Do these, and you’ll never disappear like a dinosaur.

H. Customization makes your website adorable

Every person has a desire to shop in a store of his fantasy. With the sophistication of website these days, their fantasy actually comes true. A simple way to do this is allowing the customers to customize your website according to their desire.  They can create their own wish-list and the list of their volition. Nothing makes a people happy to shop in their own yard.

I. Feasible Payment options

When it comes to payment options on the website, I remember the incident of Ebay’s failure in China. eBay simply fail to adopt the local way of feasible payment option which left their customer base in disarray. Otherwise, this feature is the key to global business. You can have varieties of payment options from PayPal to Mastercard, VISA card to Cash in hand.
After all, in order to survive your existing brick and mortar store like humans have started to adopt in thus tech-world, creating a website is the only way. Everyone knows old habits die hard but remember that new ones don’t wait that long.
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