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UPDATE: Sadly, Frank, one of the organizer has called us to inform that Greg has cancelled his trip. However, there are still many exciting seminars, events, activities and exhibitions giving it all the reasons to enjoy and benefit from the show.

There is a great news for all the framers out there. Greg Perkins, renowned book writer of “Guidelines for Great Frame Design” once confirmed as a guest for the Art & Frame show scheduled

on 14-16 August 2015 at the Royal Randwick Sydney as been withdrawn. If you are someone who has drawn inspiration and ideas from this great educator and icon- must have been very excited initially but his unexpected cancellation has been a big disappointment!


Who is Greg Perkins?

For those of you who don’t know Greg yet, here is his brief bio! Owing to his extensive experience in the framing industry with over 35 years of active devotion, and exceptional design aesthetics, he has established himself as the epitome of ultimate framing guru. He started as an independent custom framing retailer to become a motivator, inspiration and then and educator. It won’t be too much to say that he has chartered a long distance for enlivening and upliftment of the framing industry. His book,“Guidelines for Great Frame Design” has been a cookbook for great frame design ideas in the industry. Currently he earns his living event speaker at various trade show and Merchandising Manager at Larson-Juhl, an international frame moulding manufacturing company.

What will he be doing there?

Greg was scheduled to conduct various educational seminars titling “Guidelines for Great Frame Design”, “Unleash Your Creativity” , “Wow! What a Great Display!” during the event. Unfortunately, they have been cancelled.

Who else and What?

Most of the renowned framers, frame and moulding suppliers, educators, artists, art suppliers as well as suppliers of equipments, products and services will be present for the event. Other seminars will be conducted by June Anderson and Jared Davis.  Apart from the Seminars, the event will showcase various picture framers, there will be several framing demonstrations and the final judgement of framing competition. Ah, you haven’t registered to compete yet? You still can by submitted this form now at Framing Competition Entry Form

How to get there?

First you need to have a ticket. Book your tickets for the show at:

You can get to Royal Randwick by public transport or by taxi. You can also drive to the place and has limited FREE parking. For those of you who want to travel on style, you can get a limousine hire or even a helicopter - they are all welcome.

Interested in participating in any seminar? Find out more about exhibiting at the show please contact the organiser via email or phone 03 5975 3677.

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