Our Project At Glimpse Online E commerce Website Development

Project Detail

“CROWN COMMERCIAL GROUP” is established company which is serving customers from about 30 years. Company specializes in customization and manufacturing of “catering cooking equipment” and “commercial restaurant refrigeration equipment”. CROWN COMMERCIAL GROUP provides the supply of advice, design and commercial equipment to the hospitality industry and commercial or residential real estate development.


The “CROWN COMMERTIAL GROUP” had already a built-in site representing their business. There were multiple problems associated with the site. The previous site was old fashioned and not entertaining their potential customer who surf internet with mobile devices. The products were not well categorized and surfing through the website to find the exact solution/product as per customer need was not user friendly. Product comparison functionality and quotation management were almost like manual task and potential clients were facing hassle in using these important feature. Beside the old version of Magento also need to be upgraded.


As the significant proportion of the internet users in Australia and around the world are using mobile devices; it’s the by default solution to use a responsive design to build any website. The built in Magento functions need to be exploited properly to add flexibility in product management. And with certain degree of customization and some powerful extensions; product comparison, quotation handling process along with flexible product categorization can be achieved cleverly with the newer version of Magento.


Magento is the leading open source framework available to build the ecommerce solution that has flexibility to deliver any kind of solution for business. Beside, as the CROWN COMMERCIAL groups are already using the Magento and were familiar to administer the site with this framework; it was the easier choice for them.



  • Flexible Product Categorization: Products are maintained in hierarchical tree structure where product can be categorize and managed in different hierarchical level as per requirements.
  • Quotation management (extension: Cart to Quote): Quotation management with a standard workflow in which customer are able to create and request quotation for any products with ease and administrator can easily manage those quotation request and sent it in PDF format automatically.
  • Payment module:
    1. Paypal Integration / Plugins
    2. Eway Integration / Plugins
  • Interactive custom view:The product comparison is customized to achieve highly interactive functionality allowing administrator to set up default as well as additional comparison attributes which has enabled customers to easily add and remove different comparison attributes to compare products under same category. The feature have enabled customer to choose right products readily and quickly.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Quick shop features is added for simpler product which do not need quotation process for faster transaction.

  • Comparisons between different products are easier.
  • newer version of Magento i.e. Magento ver1.9.1.0


Websupreme exploited the latest version of Magento to build a highly flexible and powerful e-commerce application for Crown Commercial Group. A responsive design is integrated with the application to entertain the mobile users as well. All in all the websupreme provided a flexible, secure and highly interactive and user friendly ecommerce application that addresses all the current challenges faced by the Crown Commercial Group.


  • + Web-Based Programming Languages
    • – Php/Mysql
    • – HTML/CSS (framework- bootstrap 3.0)
    • – Javascript (framework-jQuery,prototype)
  • + E-commerce Framework
    • – Magento


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