Before choosing any platform to create an e-commerce store, one should be careful about few things like the search engine optimization i.e. SEO, marketing tools, conversion tools available, price to pay, security, company outlook, secure checkout options and so forth. These factors play a major role depending on the size and aspirations of your online shop. There are so many platforms which provide some of the above-mentioned criteria but like I mentioned earlier, WordPress is the best one since any layman can go online and create a professional website without worrying about hosting or server setup.  The following features explain why choosing the WordPress will be the best option for e-commerce for you.

Your website, your control

The choice of creating a website in WordPress varies from free to premium which presents a wide range of option for the potential online store. You can create your own website and customize it as per your desire or let the experienced developer to the work. This feature keeps you aware of your website and leaves you be in charge of your own store.

Trusted all over the world by millions

WordPress has been trusted all around the globe from TED to TIME to CNN. Also, the woo-commerce, an e-commerce extension of WordPress dominates the platforms of its kinds. So, there’s absolutely no regret creating your online store with WordPress.

Truckload Of Plugins and themes

Since it’s an open source software, there are tens of thousands of plugins which will make your online store more secure than ever, more customizable, more user-friendly and popular. These plugins and themes allow you to expand your online store without any hassle.

Secure Password

You can ask the customer to increase the length of the password, make it stronger using different plugins available in WordPress. This helps in preserving the customer’s privacy which in turns bolsters the security of your online store.

Payment Gateway

WordPress uses third party payment gateway like PayPal so that the secure information of the customers will not be misused. You can add locally based payment gateway for the secure transactions so that customers can shop without any fear.

Benefits of creating the website in WordPress

WordPress is Basically  Free

This is the first and important aspect of WordPress. If you are starting a startup business then you just have to pay for the domain cost and rest is free as it is. This is the reason why WordPress covers more than 20% of the internet today. Availability of hundreds of free themes even helps to design your online shop in your own way.

Thousands of Plugins to make your store more efficient

Since WordPress is open source (which means there are so many independent developers out there creating new plugins every day) you can find the varieties of plugins, in layman terms, the add-ons to increase the functionality of your website. Most of these plugins are free of cost through which you can add the photo gallery, shopping cart, news and updates and so forth. And all these can be done without a single idea of coding.

You can even add the blog to your website

Originally WordPress was founded as a blogging site which makes you, a small scale business entrepreneur to add the blog to your website which will provide the customers with the fresh idea regarding your goods and services. Blogging can add an extra boost to your store as it expands.

WordPress is Social Media friendly

Expanding your business requires the larger audiences which are available on the social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. There are social media plugins in WordPress that’ll ask the visitors to like your page on these sites Also, the availability of comment section and share section on social media will further help to increase the publicity.

Apparently, Search engines love WordPress

WordPress is developed to prevent the common SEO ( search engine optimization) errors which elucidate the fact that search engines like google are familiar with the internal link structure. This property makes your store and the website appear whenever the keywords match.

Why is WordPress cheaper?

Creating and running any startup business is a challenging job since it requires the unhindered acumen almost every day. It means the running your store efficiently which includes the number of products you want to display and the number of visitors you anticipate. It’ll be tedious at the same time to carry the burden of redesigning your store and all the technicalities that follow. Hiring the professional developers to do all these works saves time, budget and helps you to focus on other aspects of the business.