Mobile App Vs Mobile Website | What You Need To Know

There exists a large confusion between a mobile app and a mobile website. More often the unclear objectives lead to this uncertainty. No matter what you want, having a crystal like objective is must. A website can be just a brand representation, or go much beyond by offering even the complex services online.

With the increasing rate of mobile users, and even overwhelming rate of mobile conversion, having a mobile presence has been a basic need. Even though having mobile app and mobile website sounds like same thing, there exist vast difference between these two factors.

Responsive Website

A responsive website means tweaking something in your desktop version, the whole website will be the same as the desktop version of the website, and may offer all the services, that you offer in desktop version. Regardless of what platform a particular phone uses, the website will respond according to the width of the devices by using grid system. The major assumption behind responsiveness is to make website accessible from almost every devices.

Mobile App

Mobile app refers to the the application which is specifically developed for the mobile devices, and like any other desktop app the objective is to simplify particular aspects. Especially they’re dedicated for special purpose; some type of apps are targeted only for customers, whereas some app might serve large numbers of people. No matter to whom the app is targeted , it is the best way to engage both customers and potentials. It gives a sense of ownness to the users, that a website can’t. Most probably, connecting with users without having any other dependencies is the powerful feature of mobile app, that can solidify the brand presence.

Is having a responsive website Sufficient ?

uh! it’s difficult, it really depends on your need and your brand strategy because responsive website can cover all the general aspect of your business, but still user should go through the hurdles of opening browser and putting the URL to open a website. Having a mobile app means, you’re providing something unique from the app to serve important purpose along with other general aspects. In the process of engaging users a website can hardly accomplish the task that a mobile app easily does. To browse your website, an user should be self motivated towards your business, You even can’t notice this fact, but with mobile app you can still push notifications, and pull them to your app because it’s easy to swipe than opening a browser and checking the update section for anything new. Almost nobody wants to do that expect your loyal users. But giving the great experience and keeping users engaged might seems hard with just a responsive website, you can read this post on smart insight to find out how the mobile marketing is emerging throughout the year.

So How You Know When You Need An App

Having specific need is the first step; mobile app are for specific purpose of your business need, which might serve as a marketing tool, re engagement tool or like any other branding tool . Knowing when you need a app sounds quite vague, and create the confusion on business process. So here are some clues to avoid that confusion:


Keeping user engaged is one of the toughest aspect for website. That’s why dozens of articles about “increasing the engagement” born on the web every single day. Whenever you think your users are becoming anxious about your website, you might give a surprise to your users with your app. First the nature of the app should be definite, by nature I’m referring to the category, some type of app are solely intended for ecommerce easiness, some apps are for entertainment i.e (game), some are for providing information. For example if you’re a travel agency, and you sale the travel package, now you need an app that can boost both yield and customers, then you can opt for a travel related entertaining app or game, which gives the virtual tour to the destination, and at some point it might ask user to buy premium for further tour or encourage to buy the travel package for real visits. That way, you can engage your potential buyers for long terms. Or you can simply go for a simple app through which customers can buy packages and book the destination. But why you’d want to expense huge cost on the feature, which is already doable from webiste should be the question to ask.

If you already have large number of visitors towards your site, then having a mobile app can boost your presence and expand the further reach and engagement. No word is valuable then the word from the users and mobile app can increase that chances which ultimately leads to brand loyalty.

When You Need To Serve Small Group

Mobile app can enhance the experience and attitudes of your customers towards your business. For example, you operate a Hospital, where patient can meet their desired doctors, you provides the booking service form website, and you’re also getting good number of bookings online. In such scenario, you can develop an app that will make the booking even easier for the customers. Especially when your business serve specific group of people(personas) , then mobile app is the best way to solidify the presence.


One of the importance of mobile app is that, it’s a perfect tool for remarketing your brand. At any point you think you need remarketing, having a mobile app can really make your task easier. The analytics of the app give you the insight through which business can analyze, in which particular aspects users are more interested, at which aspects you need more effort. Crating remarketing strategy would be much easier with the app data.

So be clear on the objectives, and don’t hesitate to cope with the changes that occurs in your business environment. Remember your competitors might not necessarily resting while you do. See website and app from two different approach, while still using them as a marketing or branding tool.

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