Our Project  with HelpMyStudy


Project Detail

Established in 2011, Help My Study (HMS) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works to minimise the educational gap in Nepal.


HMS is working to salvage the impecunious educational institutions in Nepal by imparting qualitative education to the unprivileged children of Nepal by providing full scholarships to them. The NGO actively engages in various projects, charity shows, fund-raising, and trainings. We created the website using PHP, Joomla and MySQL for free. Websupreme also supports the ngo financially as a corporate donor.

Sector NGO
Location Nepal

Major Products

i. Child Education Sponsorship Project

ii.Vocational Education and Training Project

iii. Awareness Raising Project

iv. Junior Social Work Club formation

What we did

The NGO needed a virtual medium to make its work known to many so that the unprivileged and poor children would get proper education that they deserved. We made it free-of-charge.

Why we did

Sofos has always believed in giving back to the society. This is why we’ve supported the NGOfinancially.

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