Get Mobile Friendly Now – Or RISK GETTING PERISHED

Begining 21st of April 2015, Google has changed its search algorithm to check for mobile responsiveness of the websites that show up in mobile search results and accordingly award points and improved ranking for such. Huh! Having a mobile responsive website is no more a luxury – it has become a necessasity.

Why did Gooogle Do This!

Part of Google’s busines model is to provide users with high quality search results. And to do that automatically, it makes use of special algorightms – which tries to find high quality websites and contents for particular search key phrases and words. This algorithms are constantly revised to award good contents and punish bad ones. For example, if a user searches for a key phrase in a mobile device and in the search result finds a webpage which once navigated to is too hard to read or navigate, user won’t be delighted by such result. It will ultimate reflect on Google and so, like all of us, it has to make sure their customers get the highest value. Google had been advising this to website owners regularly in the past – finally to make it mandatory. With the ever increasing mobile browsing – this push was inevitable.

What is mobile resonsiveness?

Basically if your website, when viewed in the mobile devices, requires user to pinch-zoom to read any content or click any button, it is not mobile responsive. Google defines non-mobile responsiveness as such.

  • Texts are too small to read
  • Buttons or Clickable items are too near to make it hard for the user to click on it.
  • Users are required to swipe horizontally to view full page content.

Check for your websites mobile responsiveness here: Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Not Mobile Responsive Yet?

  • Mobile responsiveness improves your visibility to searches made on mobile. So, if your website is not mobile responsive, you will lose most traffic from the mobile searches.
  • It is per page value. Mobile resposiveness is checked across all pages, so if the page is not responsive, even though other pages in your website may be, the search resulting to that page will still be downgraded.
  • Since CTR and other parameters in of your websites affect your desktop searches, it will also have indirect effect in your desktop searches.

What Shall You Do Now?

If your website is not mobile responsive yet – don’t panic. Adding a proper framework or changes to your templates can help you achieve mobile responsivenss. Increasingly all purchasable templates are now mobile responsive. If your website is custom designed and developed, you can request your web development company to add the mobile responsiveness features.


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