Meat description duplication information in google webmaster tool

How To Avoid Meta Description Duplication Problems In Joomla Website

Joomla, although being one of the widely accepted CMS and popular for its functionality and customization, it needs extra work around to make it fully search engine friendly. Almost all CMSs claims to be SEO friendly, by default they’re not, however they can provide easy options for adhering search engine guidelines. In some CMS it is easy to configure those options and in some little bit annoying.

Although Joomla 3 has updated many elements, options and configuration, sometimes it sucks on meta information duplication if we don’t configure it correctly. So basically to check if your site meta description are being duplicated, log in to the webmaster tool, then click on Search Experience and jump to the HTML improvements navigation on left sidebar and check there. Even if you don’t have duplicate meta description this post worth reading, if you’re working Joomla content management system.

Meat description duplication information in google webmaster tool

As we know, it’s easy to set the meta description for the website from global configuration in joomla. However there is a big shortcoming of using this option. If you’ve just seen that your meta description are being duplicated throughout your site in Webmaster tool, then this might be the cause. When you set meta description from the global configuration in joomla, that becomes the default meta description for every pages in the website if you don’t override it from the particular article or menu options. Means that, whenever you leave the meta description of a certain pages blank, the meta description you set in global configuration appears on the page. And that’s what causing the meta description duplication in your website. This happens with the meta keyword also, if you’ve used the meta keyword in the global configuration.

So there are basically two way of solving the meta information duplication problem in Joomla website.

# First Option (suggested)

is that simply don’t use the meta information from the global configuration, means leave the input box for meta description and keyword blank on the global configuration. So you might wonder, how will I set the meta description for the home page? People often misunderstand this, because the global configuration is for setting default options, if you change one thing in global configuration, it’ll be applied throughout the website unless you override it from the specific page, you’re working with. So for the meta information of your home page simply go to Menu< Home

#Second option (but not suggested)

is that set your desired meta information from global configuration and also set meta description from every single page in your website, which sounds quite annoying for website with thousands of pages. Often we mightn’t be able to put the unique meta description for every single product pages on a large e-commerce. So simply by default Joomla will duplicate the meta description on those pages in which we don’t even want to use meta description at all. So it’s not a suggested approach however could be the solution for small voucher websites with pages below 100.

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