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How To Choose CMS | Factors To Consider While Choosing CMS

We’ve developed dozens of websites using Content management system . Especially in our portfolio, the number of website developed in Joomla is greater than the number of websites developed in other CMS, and sometimes our clients ask us, why we love working

on joomla, our answer is very simple, “that’s best fit for you and your need.” Not only we work on Joomla, we’re specialized on many other popular CMS platform like WordPress, Drupal and Magento. Choosing CMS is not our sole decision either, we incorporate with client, and collaborate their business need with features of CMS while determining the CMS, but in most cases while working with small as well as medium size business we ended up fixing the deal of developing their web presence with Joomla, WordPress or Drupal. So what might be the reason for that ? What things do you need to consider before jumping into a particular CMS ? We’ve just elaborated them in this post.



Customization is the first factor we consider while choosing the CMS. To what extent does it need to customize to meet the need, and how easily it can be achieved with a particular CMS, should be analysed first. Every CMS are customizable, probably in all aspects, but some cost much resources and knowledge and some cost less depending upon the particular need. So while working with startup and small business, unless they come up with a particular CMS, we suggest a CMS, which would be more customizable even with the limited resources. Most of time Joomla seems best, if the requirement is just to build a voucher website, then we sometimes go for WordPress.

Resources & Budget

We take consideration of budget and investment only after analyzing the “customization”, because no matter how much you have, you should be able to transform your ideas into reality, without this, your idea is supposed to a dream of a lazy genius. You need to have the perfect web application that goes much beyond your need, and enhance your customer satisfaction. Although budget looks the primary factor in most cases, it’s just like admiring things from the surface, form our own experience, we’ve seen many clients hesitating to invest handful money, but when they realized the shortcomings, they eventually agree with us. Don’t over analyze the CMS in terms of developing budget.

Maintainability and Scalability

While choosing CMS the controllability, maintainability, flexibility and scalability are the vital factors. A perfect CMS should be easily administrable, and supposed to be friendly for even a newbie of a particular CMS. One of the significant reason for choosing CMS is that to make the website update process more easy. Even a non technical user is supposed to be able to maintain the updating task. The CMS should be flexible, mainly in terms of customization and feature expansion. Literally, there are thousands of CMS, most of them offers more than just the basic features of CMS, and choosing a single one from the bulk sounds quite tricky. The CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are popular because of their maintainability, flexibility and controllability.

It's a perfect cms
Yuppy ! Yuppy ! It’s a perfect CMS


Regardless of what CMS you already chose or will choose, you choose them for a functionality that you need. The core functions might vary from your business need; basically, the requirements can be of creating, publishing, modifying and updating the content. But the need may go sometimes beyond that, even if you have limited needs right now, think of possible features that you may need on future business course. The assumption is to create a minimum requirement list, which will serve as a blue print for choosing the CMS. But keep in mind the feature which seems best for you now, may not necessarily looks best in future. Along with time, you might get frustrated when the feature seems limited. Human nature implies here, for some time we enjoy a particular thing and steadily we want more and more, such creepy thing applies in all aspects, so choosing CMS with considering the possible expansion is very vital.

Mobile Usability

In the year 2013 & 2014, there has been a dastric change on the way people use to browse the web. People are passionate to browse everything from their smartphone, and more and more businesses are rushing to make their online presence flexible, so that they can easily deliver the information across multiple devices. While choosing CMS, you should consider whether or not a particular CMS comes with the easeness of creating a mobile friendly website. Although, it’s all about making changes to your template and theme, for some CMS it seems overwhelming as it requires high level of knowledge for editing and modifying the current design, but for some CMS even a plugin can handle this task. So keep in mind, you’re not just creating your website presence just for a nagging desktop, but for every single devices, because you don’t know what devices your potential customers are using.


Although the basic assumption behind every content management system seems quite same, if you ever try to go into depth, each CMS has its own unique features besides common general features. For example Drupal offers content reversoning feature, which Joomla doesn’t offers, wordpress comes with many built in SEO features, and Magento comes with every single ecommerce components that you need, to operate your online store. So the conclusion is that, your need is the foundation while choosing CMS. List your requirement, analyze the feature, examine cms before choosing in terms of customization and expansion, check with administrability and select one.

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